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One of the most important parts of the recruiting process for any college bound student-athlete is to have a quality videotape available for college coaches. 99.9% of all college coaches will request video if they are interested in you for their program. Most coaches request to see a highlight tape along with a full game tape to determine if a potential prospect has the ability to play at that level and to see if the prospect fits into their particular system.
With this in mind, you get one shot to impress a coaching staff and prove to them you are the right prospect for their program. You must have a great video that showcases your strengths and talent on the field and it must be organized and presented in a professional way that will make you stand out among all the other potential recruits. Get your tape done the right way. Our highlight tapes cover your entire season.
# Bio Intro Presentations

# Creative Menu Pages, Personalized DVD Label

# Arrows/Spot Shadows

# Text/Music/Transitions/Photo Slideshows

# Player Interviews

# Individual Workouts/Skills Tapes

# Bulk DVD Duplication

# Hightlight video can be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo
A typical video will show 3-5 minutes of highlight footage followed by a full game (or 2).

Video Sequence:
1) Introduction and Bio
2) Highlight footage
3) Game Coverage
4) Closing footage with stats on the athlete

Optional Feature

For an additional $99 (one time fee) the player can have a dedicated online player profile webpage. This page will contain contact information, statistics and all video(s) of the athlete. One of the worst things an athlete can do is send a college coach a disk that won't play - having a dedicated webpage eliminates this issue and the link can be easily emailed to as many coaches as needed.


We charge a flat rate of $45 per hour. Most video editing projects take between 3-5 hours and we have a 2 hour minimum charge.


1) Send us your raw video footage.
2) We'll provide you an accurate quote on the total cost and the time needed to complete the project (typically takes 1-2 weeks).
3) You get a professional video that you can send to the college coaches of your choice.

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