Keep Your Website Simple


For the past 15 years I've worked for school systems, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. During that time I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. came about to help small businesses begin or improve their presence online. A company without a website - a good website - is at a disadvantage in today's world.

"Good content speaks to people in a language they understand and is organized in ways that make it easy to use."

Client Spotlight

Client: A local business offering all sorts of insurance coverage to individuals and businesses.
Problem #1: He had an idea for a website and a "friend" helping him with it ... for over 2 years.
Problem #2: He needed a good website that allowed clients and potential clients to see what he had to offer and made the first step (contact) easy and unobtrusive.
Solution: We sat down and went over everything he required in a website - it's never as much as you think. We then designed a site that conveys all of his offerings and allowed a smooth process for clients/prospects to request more information.